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Honored as a green resort, we are aware of the importance of ecotourism and sustainability. I visit every time I'm in Melbourne for a browse, and when I was there last year, I got chatting to her in the store while I admired some beautiful costume jewellery in one of the display cases.

Fair House Villas & Spa is a green resort at the forefront of environmental preservation, responsible tourism and sustainable development on Koh Samui, Thailand. In 2008, we launched the Green Project, which encompasses numerous environmental aspects:

  • Minimizing use of plastic
  • Recycling garbage (on-site facilities)
  • Planting
  • Bicycle programs
  • Non-smoking campaigns
  • On site education of environmental issues to local children and students

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In our 2.5 acre Organic Garden, we grow many of Fair House Villas & Spa own fresh ingredients for the kitchen and staff canteen, as well as flowers for decoration and herbs for our spa. This is also home to our compost and recycling facilities. We encourage guests to visit the garden and see how our tropical fruits, vegetables and flowers are growing.

Directly in front of Fair House Villas & Spa beach, we have our Coral Preservation Project in cooperation with Walailak University (Thailand). We actively gather dying corals from the surrounding reefs and re-plant them in our plantation. We ensure top conditions for coral reefs growth and monitor the plantation actively with high-tech equipment. We are always happy to educate our guests about the importance of corals to marine life, why they are struggling and what we can do to improve the situation. Private coral planting activity packages are offered to those who are interested.

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